Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guy Losing His Seat To George Steele

If the Animal wants you chair, you give him your chair!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Long Legs, Longer Socks

Take those socks for a stroll, son.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

He's a Member

Rockin' the Members Only Jacket with the sleeves pushed up. Awesome.

Chillin' with my 2 x 4

I wish I had a foam Hacksaw Jim Duggan 2 x 4.

The Whole Squad

That's still a pretty good squad.

Ultimate Warrior is Number 2

That's still pretty good.

Matching sweatshirt and glasses strap

Pure class.

Hogaaaan! Hogaaan!

Yeah, it's that exciting.

Guy dressed like a 1970s lounge singer

Just a couple rows behind Walter from The Big Lebowski.

Use this chair!

Good idea lady. Mr. Wonderful needs some help.

Sir, Mr. Flair can hear you

Do you really need to yell when you are that close? Only if you are a Superfan.

Smoke and a Kodak

What more do you need to enjoy The Clash of the Champions?

Where is Lou Thez?

I love the older superfans. I hope to be one someday.

Superfan in a pilot uniform

Superfan, you are cleared for take off.

Happy guy in a cardigan

You outshine everyone in your section. Bravo.

Hangin' With Hot Rod

Good thing you have a screwdriver in your jacket pocket.

I don't know what that means, either.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Inmate number 676392

Is he wearing a prison jumpsuit?
Maybe not.
The cop standing behind him looks far too casual considering there is a fugitive steps in front of him.

Castro? Is that you?

I am really confused by this one. I think it's a guy with a Fidel Castro mask. He's also holding a cigar in one hand and a glass in the other.

He's wearing a camouflage shirt under a green and maroon flannel.

Lady with a logo on her head

Glad her face is blocked... her knees are a bit too far apart. Cross you legs! Hurry before you distract Leaping Lanny!

The Right to Bare Arms

I hope this guy is still as cool as he was on this day in 1986. I salute you, superfan!

Time to hit the road

Sure Andre the Giant and JYD are still in the ring, but sometimes even superfans have to rush to the exit.
He probably had to go to work early the next day... so he could earn enough to go to the next WWF show.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Who was that masked man? I don't know, but I like 'em.

Japanese Guy With A Bubba Ray Dudley Shirt

This is from the night Raw was in Japan. This guy was super excited.
Probably because he finally had an event he could wear his Bubba Ray Dudley shirt to.

Kid pointing at British Bulldogs wife and laughing

Sure we all thought the whole thing with Bulldog's wife being at ringside as he fought Bret Hart (who was also her brother) was a bit silly and melodramatic.
But give this superfan props for ACTUALLY pointing at her and laughing.

Superfan with glasses and a black sweatshirt

I know it's just the screenshot, but you look a little like Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. I salute you, superfan.
I like you even more than the good doctor.

The most beautiful red hair in section 107

He had some competition from the mother son combo up front, but he still takes home the gold.

Person trying to get the attention of a guy who is trying to get someone else's attention

Whoa. That title makes me tired.

But the appearance of ECW superfans Hat Guy and Sunglasses Hawaiian Shirt Guy perks me up like Coffee. Coffee Kingston.

Maybe I really am tired.

Cartman fan

I salute you, Cartman fan. I hope that shirt is still around. Maybe it's worn and faded to a dark grey and most of the image is cracked.

But I hope you wear it when you jog or cut the grass.

Is it just me, or was she on the TV show 'Wings'?

No, I guess I was the only one on 'Wings.'


I feel the same way, dude.

Lady telling off Davey Boy Smith

Give 'em hell, Superfan.

Guy wearing a shirt that matches the "Headlock on Hunger" banner

He's like Zartan. He blends right into his surroundings.
Nice scarf and mustache, too. I always feel like a scarf is a mustache for your neck.

Kid Cheering For Marty Jannetty

This superfan attended the In Your House where Santa Claus sold out to The Million Dollar Man.

I wonder if that was more disheartening than finding out that Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty don't actually rock the house.

Happy Superfan

He looks happier than anyone else in the shot... but that isn't his problem. It's an Undertaker/Mankind match! Everyone should be that excited!
I salute you, superfan. Everyone else should be ashamed they AREN'T cheering that much.

Hey! That's Shane McMahon!

I salute you for telling your friend about Shane. Knowing is half the battle. Don't forget to mention that Shane appeared in the remake of Rollerball.

Handmad shirt, cowboy hat, DX chop

You keep doin' what you do... even if the guy in the yellow shirt stares disapprovingly.

Guy Holding A Giant X

I give you props for saluting DX. I take some away since your prop was just a cardboard box.

Iron Mike's Welcoming Committee

You welcome Mike, I welcome you... and your sexy abs.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guy two rows behind Mr. T

You are just BEGGING to be pitied.

Guy In A Burger King Crown Picking His Teeth

No one can look stranger than Mick Foley.
Not even in a Burger King Crown.
Still, I applaud your effort.

Lady with matching hat and shirt

I salute you, dear lady. I salute you because of your shirt and hat combo... and because (unlike the lady on the other side of the guy in the tank top with his arms raised) you seem undaunted by the armpit.

Captain Lou meets Captain America

I salute you and your shirt.

Monday, December 7, 2009

He's just happy

Up front we have two twins with first rate mustaches, but in the back we have a guy who is just livin' life.

You keep doin' what you do.

Dude Showing Us His 4 Fingers

Not sure why. Was Shawn a 4 time champ? Was Vince turning 44? Wait! Is that the "you can't see me" symbol? Is this a John Cena fan with a time machine?

All Day and Night I Dream About...

...Survivor Series. Damn, that's too many s's.

Down With The King

Uh, Sir, Mr. Lawler needs his personal space. Thanks.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look! We all have Undertaker shirts.

Make sure to hold them out so we can see that they are shirts rather than full body tattoos.

Where are the Ice Skaters?

Is it possible they just showed up on the wrong night? I hope not. I hope under that sweater he has a giant Savio Vega tattoo.

Kid With A Collectors Cup

I'll be honest. I am much more interested in the guy just to the left of the Undertaker. The amazing mustache , the chin on the fist... did he arrive in a covered wagon? What decade is this photo from?

However, I worry that this is fast becoming "Supermustaches of the WWE Universe."

So, I want to salute the kid who seems way more interested in the collector cup he got his root beer in than the Dead Man.

Unimpressed by HBK

HBK is flanked on the left and right by glorious mustaches... but the Superfan at the top right is unimpressed.